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Pigment Carbon black XY-4 ,XY-230 used in Ink

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Pigment Carbon black XY-4#,XY-230 used in Inks,Coating,Printing inks

Paints and Coatings

Its outstanding properties make Pigment Carbon Black the most commonly used black pigments in the paint, coating and lacquer industry. They are used for masstone coloring in pure black coatings (e.g., in automotive basecoats), for tinting in gray coatings and paints (e.g., in decoration), and for light tinting in transparence coatings (e.g., for metallic effects and wood glazing).

The variety of different manufacturing processes at Xinyuan creates the differences in morphological and chemical properties of the Pigment Carbon Black, which gives their unique behavior. The positive effect of oxidative post-treatment of Pigment Carbon Black surface plays a crucial role primarily in solvent borne coating systems.

Selection criteria for Pigment Carbon Black used in lacquers. The application parameters required for quality evaluation and assurance, such as dispersion and wetting behavior, pigment concentration, conductivity, UV protection and weather stability as well as coloristic values like jetness or tinting strength, are to a large degree determined by the following criteria:

1.  Mean primary particle size

2.  Surface chemistry

3.  Structure